CRM & Loyalty Marketing Symposium

Response Labs Inaugural CRM & Loyalty Marketing Symposium A Success

Response Labs hosted a night of stories, case studies and discussions from marketing and business professionals about their own CRM programs and initiatives. With this Symposium attendees did not just hear about a single tool, application or system, but instead learned about the holistic strategies and approaches to CRM & Loyalty Marketing taken by our speakers and panel to generate company-wide adoption, success for the business, and most importantly, stronger, more meaningful relationships with their customers.

Featured Speakers

headshot of Don Taylor, Hannaford

Digital Loyalty in Brick & Mortar Retailing

Don Taylor
Marketing Campaign Manager, Loyalty
Hannaford Supermarkets

Hannaford Supermarkets, a leading “every-day-low-price” (EDLP) supermarket chain in the northeast, overcame multiple obstacles to enter the customer-centric loyalty marketspace. Creating value for the customer while holding true to a “no card, no gimmicks” brand promise, Hannaford launched My Hannaford Rewards in early 2018 and have not looked back. By not rushing to market, thoughtfully building architecture, and establishing internal and external CRM partnerships, Hannaford was able to launch one of, if not the first, 100% digital supermarket loyalty programs in the nation.

headshot of Patrick Rife, Pixilated

Experiential Lead Capture for CRMs

Patrick Rife
CVO & Co-Founder

As companies and brands continue to embrace a more direct path to consumer engagement via experiences the tools and methods for measuring those experiences become more critical every day. Join Patrick for a discussion on his experiences helping brands harness the power and insights of their consumers to build scalable campaigns that create long-term engagement using Pixilated technologies to feed their data-driven strategies.


Panelists for CRM & Loyalty Marketing Symposium

Will Davis
Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Technology Officer
Right Source Marketing

Will Davis is the co-founder and chief marketing technology officer at Right Source Marketing, a B2B focused marketing agency. As CMTO, Will oversees the intersection of marketing strategy, consulting, execution and technology for clients. A recognized leader in content marketing, Will also hosts ONNAMP – Oh No! Not Another Marketing Podcast – never-boring interviews of business and marketing leaders on successes, challenges, and lessons learned. You can find Will on Twitter, connect with him on LinkedIn, or read his blog posts.

Jen Aldinger
Director of Client Service
Response Labs

Jen Aldinger is the Director of Client Service at Response Labs, a Digital CRM Marketing Agency. She manages the delivery of all client campaigns and client relationship growth. Jen has worked both agency side, managing the Blue Bunny Ice Cream family of brands, as well as client side at Under Armour, where she spent 4 years managing global campaign launches for almost all of the company’s categories. She has a passion for process, solving problems and getting the right message to the right consumer on the right platform. Connect with her on Linkedin.

Sean Sutherland
Director of Accounts

Sean Sutherland is the Director of Accounts, handling Account Management and Business Development, for Kapowza, a full-service creative agency specializing in graphic design, website design, and video marketing support for small-to-midsize companies. As Director of Accounts, Sean serves as the face of the agency, attending events, conferences as well as leading the agency’s business development efforts in order to provide quality marketing support for potential clients and partners. Sean also serves as the Programming Chair of the American Advertising Federation of Baltimore (AAFB) as well as the Engagement Chair of the ARC Baltimore‘s Young Professional Outreach Group, the Luminaries. You can find Sean on Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Andy Locke

Digital marketer, focused on CRM and Loyalty marketing, helping brands and businesses create more meaningful relationships with their customers. VP, Managing Director at Response Labs.

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