Metal Roofing Alliance

Homeowner Lead Generation For Metal Roofing Contractors

The Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) is an association of metal roofing manufacturers that banded together to promote the many benefits of metal roofing in residential installations. Response Labs has been leading the digital CRM and lead generation of the MRA for over 14 years and have played an instrumental role in helping to increase market share from 3% to over 11% in that time.

As the centerpiece of the marketing initiatives, we developed and manage, a website that educates homeowners and connects them with local contractors who specialize in metal roofing through our “Find a Contractor” portal. The site also features a learning management system where contractors are educated on all aspects of the metal roofing business.

Consumers are directed to the site through an omni-channel marketing campaign featuring a mix of paid and organic social media and search marketing, display advertising, email marketing, public relations and TV. Site traffic and consumer lead generation are tracked back to cost per visitor and cost per lead to ensure the marketing mix is continually optimized for the highest ROI.

MRA Find A Contractor page optimized for consumer use.
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